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Gift of time for this Mother's Day Celebration 

Mother's Day

If your mom (like my mom) wishes you spend less time on the phone, working too much or being with your friends, she is probably missing spending time with you. And your time is the best gift you can offer her this Mother’s Day. So, instead of providing gift ideas, I thought I could share some ideas on how you can plan your time with your mom this Mother’s Day to celebrate her journey as a mother.

  • Set rules for yourself (and your mom)
No phones, no electronics and no friends. This is your time with her and she has a 100% of you without any interruptions and distractions.
  • Bond over food

Having a nice sit down meal is a great way to bond. Plan a nice meal for you and your mother; you can either cook for her or order her favourite cuisine. And if the weather (and regulations) permits, you can take your meal outside and turn it into a little picnic for the two of you.

  • Walk down memory lane

Plan a light activity (regulations permitting of course), such as a hike or a bike ride for you and your mom. Pick a spot that you two frequented often when you were a child. This is a great way to take her down memory lane and to help her remember her journey with you with fondness.

  • Help her unwind

Plan a little home-spa session for you and your mom. You can invest in some natural skin care products, such as face masks, body wraps and scrubs. Compliment your self care time with some decadent dessert, warm tea and hot gossip.

  • Plan a movie night

Plan dinner followed by a movie night. Pick her favourite movie, arrange for a fancy cheese plate and some delicious wine. 

Hope this article gives you some ideas on how you can plan and  spend some quality time with your mother this mother’s day.