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Quiz: How to identify your skin type

The first step to skin care is identifying your skin type. Here’s a fun quiz to help you identify your skin type and provide you some tips on caring for it.

1. When you wake up in the morning, your skin:
    a. Feels greasy all over
    b. Feels greasy only in certain areas of your face, like your nose, forehead
    c. Feels tight with no sign of grease
    d. Feels greasy yet tight
    e. Feels not too greasy and not too tight
      2. As the day goes by, your skin needs
      a. A quick cleanse or powdering to control the oil
      b. Powdering in certain areas 
      c. Needs an oil serum or moisturizer
      d. Water or water based serum, because oil or moisturizer doesn’t help with the dryness
      e. Nothing, it feels perfect
        3. A few hours after you apply makeup, you tend to notice that your 
        a. Face requires retouch and powdering to control the oil and shine
        b. Certain areas of your face have a shine and require powdering
        c. Makeup looks cakey and skin appears dry
        d. Makeup has made your skin look dull, skin feels tight, but appears oily
        e. Makeup has held up well and you may require just a bit of touch up
          4. 30 minutes after you cleanse your face, your skin feels
          a. Greasy all over
          b. Oily in certain areas of your face
          c. Tight
          d. Oily yet tight and dull
          e. Perfect
            5. In the winter, your skin looks
              a. Less shiny than in the summer
              b. Shiny in certain areas and dry in other
              c. Very dry and scaly
              d. Dull, flaky and dry
              e. A little tight, but nothing that a quick moisturizer can’t solve

                Now that you have finished the quiz, it’s time to know your skin type and how to care for it.

                You have ‘Oily’ skin, if most of your answers were ‘a’s

                Oily skin has an overall shiny look, makeup tends to slide off your face. You have larger pores and are more prone to blackheads and acne. It may sound like it is the worst skin type, but not really. Oily skin has its benefits. Oily skin usually tends to see signs of aging later than other skin types.

                Caring for oily skin can be tricky. As much as it might tempt you to pick a strong cleanser, don’t. No matter what your skin type, it is important that you pick a gentle cleanser and a gentle exfoliant. Hydrate your skin often and use a light moisturizer to lock the moisture in your skin to keep it soft and supple. You can splash water on your skin as often as you like. Change your towel, pillow cases and bed covers regularly, and avoid touching your face. Hygiene is extremely important, since your skin attracts dirt and grim around you.

                Try clay masks such as Multani Mitti and Rhassoul clay to detox and control the oil. You can also steam your face once a week and follow it up with a clay mask to cleanse your pores.

                You have Combination skin, if most of your answers were ‘b’s

                Combination skin is the trickiest. Half your face is oily and half can be dry. You are prone to blackheads and acne, and you are also prone to skin flaking. But caring for this skin type can be a lot simpler than what it has been made to look like. First let’s just accept, you aren’t going to find a product and routine that is going to cater to the two skin types on your face.

                When caring for this skin type, you don’t have to be consistent all over. Feel free to use products for oily skin on the oily parts and that for dry skin on the dry parts. You can use face masks and exfoliants on your oily zone more often than you would on your dry zone. Similarly, you can use a hydrator all over, but a stronger moisturizer on your dry zone and a light one on your oily zone.

                Use Rhassoul clay, Multani Mitti on your oily zones. You may also use kaolin clay and pink clays all over your face. Use clays instead of soap based cleansers to balance your skin. 

                You have Dry skin, if most of your answers were ‘c’s

                Dry skin feels tight and can be embarrassingly flaky in dry weather. But they are less prone to black heads and acne (I said less prone, you may still experience acne, and if you do, be gentle on your skin and avoid using over the counter acne products).

                When caring for dry skin, you want to use the gentlest of cleansers once a day, such as a clay to wash your face instead of a soap. Other times, just use water to cleanse your face. Keep your face moist and apply a non-clogging oil, such as Argan oil, to lock the moisture in your skin. If you use serums, use a water based serum first and follow it up with an oil based serum to seal the moisture in your skin.

                Use clays to wash your face instead of soap based cleansers. If you like using face clay masks, add a few drops of argan oil to it. Hydrate your skin and follow it up with an oil based serum. Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Sweet Almond oil are great to lock the moisture in your skin.


                You have Dehydrated skin, if most of your answers were ‘d’s

                Although not a skin type, we thought it would be beneficial to mention this, especially during winter time. If your skin appears dull and oily, you most likely have dehydrated skin. All skin types - oily, combination or dry - can suffer from dehydrated skin. This is a problem rather than a skin type. And no amount of oil or butter is going to help solve it.

                To care for dehydrated skin, you have to hydrate - internally and externally. Drink loads and loads of water. Splash water on your face often or spritz it with floral water and seal it with a moisturizer or oil. Remember, water hydrates, oil locks the moisture in. It’s a 2-step process. If your skin is dehydrated, it lacks moisture and the oil has no moisture to lock in. So hydrating your skin is important. Similarly, if you hydrate your skin, moisturizing it is important, otherwise the moisture just evaporates from your skin. Steaming your skin once a week and following up with the 2 steps is also helpful.

                Avoid using any cleansers, just use water to cleanse often. Apply oil on moist skin to seal the moisture in your skin. Do this 3-4 times a day.

                You have Normal skin, if most of your answers were ‘e’s

                Easiest skin to care for, normal skin just varies a bit between oiliness and dryness depending on environmental and hormonal factors. But even perfection needs care. 

                To care for this skin type, make sure you follow a good skin care routine that is gentle and perfect for what your skin needs at that moment. Keep a range of different gentle products to cleanse, tone, hydrate and moisturize your skin.

                Use clays to cleanse your skin - this will keep your skin looking young longer. Steam and detox once or twice a month. Use oils that suit your skin to moisturize your skin.


                Regardless of what your skin type is, a healthy diet goes a long way to improve and maintain the quality of your skin. Avoid consuming sugar, fried foods and alcohol. And like your mama says - “Drink lots of water and eat your veggies (and fruits).”