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The wondrous Moroccan skin care ingredients

Simple ingredients, amazing results. That's what I found while exploring for natural beauty ingredients in the Moroccan culture. Morocco's natural ingredients are simple yet exotic. I used these ingredients to formulate my skin care routine for over 3 months, and the results I achieved - acne-free, clear, even, and younger looking skin. Rhassoul Clay: I used this exotic volcanic mud mask as a daily face cleanser as well as weekly detox face mask. If you are using this mud mask, you don't need soap. It is gentle enough to use daily and works well for all skin types. And after having used it for a few months, I can tell you that all other blog posts about this mask claiming amazing results are...

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Detox recipes with Rhassoul Clay

    If you are looking for a mud mask that leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh rather than dry and flaky then you got to try Rhassoul Clay. This exotic volcanic clay from Morocco has been used for ages by North African women to detoxify and purify their skin. You can use Rhassoul clay as a face mask in many ways. You can combine it with different ingredients for different purposes and results. Rhassoul Clay Recipe #1: Simple and perfect for acne-prone, oily skin The simplest way of using this mask is with water. Combine a teaspoon of Rhassoul clay with water to create a paste and apply it on your clean face. Let it dry for about...

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Argan Oil formulation for your 30's something skin

I know I know, not all skin types are the same in their 30's. Some are battling acne, while others are trying to stop the signs of aging. My point here is not give you the perfect formulation, but to give you ideas on how you can create your own skin formulation using Argan oil. My skin is dry and acne-prone. It is also prone to discolouration, and because of how fine my skin is, I run the risk of it aging sooner as well. So, when I think of products and formulas, I keep all these factors in mind. If you are interested in my Moroccan skin care routine, I have a blog post specifically dedicated to that.  First...

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