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Chinese Detox
Chinese Detox

Gentle detox for dry, mature or sensitive skin

Chinese Detox

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Searching for a gentle clay to pamper your sensitive or aging skin? Your search ends here. Kaolin clay is one of the gentlest of clays. It helps remove dirt and skin impurities without drying or irritating your skin. Mined from a hill in China, this soft textured clay is rich in silica and has a neutral pH. If you have dry, mature or sensitive skin and all you care for is a gentle detox, Kaolin is your choice.

Origin: China
Smell: First rain
Texture: Light, extremely fine
Skin Type: Dry, mature, sensitive
Function: Gentle detox mask
Quantity: Yields 20+ masks

How to use:

As a face mask (weekly/bi-weekly):

Mix 3 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon of water or aloe vera gel to create a thick paste. Apply on face (carefully avoiding eye area and lips) for 15 - 20 mins or about 60% to 70% dry and wash it off.

You can also mix Kaolin clay with other clays and powders, such as matcha to create your own personal mud mask.

Why MamaSlays Face Masks

As we look to our futures, let's not forget the heritage and traditions handed down by our ancestors, our mothers. Let's remember to appreciate the beauty that we carry and all things around us. Our goal at MamaSlays is to bring to you beauty ingredients and recipes from across different cultures, passed down generations by mothers to their daughters. These are ingredients and beauty rituals cultures swear by. And what's more, they are 100% natural and leave little to no eco footprint.