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Our Story

Mother earth brings us many gifts including natural skin and hair care solutions. Over the years, we have steered away from this. We have given into harsh, chemical-based products that are not just unhealthy for our environment, but also rough on our skin. And all this to achieve impossible beauty standards set by the media.

At Mamaslays, we go back to our roots. For centuries, ancient cultures around the world have used various natural ingredients such as volcanic clays, glacial clays, salts and herbal powders to cleanse, nourish, and care for their skins. And for generations mothers around the world have passed down beauty rituals containing these ingredients to their daughters. Inspired by different cultures and their ancient beauty regimes, we do our best to bring you an array of products that help you find solutions for your needs while exploring cultures in a whole new way.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to share a cultural product idea, please drop us a line at hello@mamaslays.com. We look forward to getting to know you.